Memorial University's Non-Academic Policy and Procedure Frameworks

Memorial University's non-academic policies and procedures are governed by the policy on Development, Approval and Administration of University Policies or the "Policy on Policies" (adopted September 2007, revised March 2010, July 2011, May 2015).

The main features of the "Policy on Policies" are:

  • The Board of Regents has authority over non-academic, university-wide policy. The administration has authority over related procedures, through the parent policy sponsor.
  • Any University employee, with the support of their unit head, may propose the creation of a new policy or changes in an existing policy.
  • The designation of a “Sponsor” for every policy, i.e., a senior administrator with overall responsibility for the development of a policy, its implementation and its periodic review.
  • The designation of a "Responsible Unit" for every related procedure, which is responsible for administration and oversight.
  • The requirement for consultation, for an implementation plan, for a communications plan and for compliance monitoring.
  • The formal review of policies every four years.
  • The on-line version of policy and procedure is the official version and there will be only one on-line version.
  • Procedures must be associated with the relevant parent policy(policies).
  • A provision for local or unit-level policies.

In addition to these features, the senior administration adopted principles (February 25, 2008, updated January 23, 2018):

  • Policy and procedures development, approval and administration must follow the Policy Framework Process and the Procedures Framework Process.
  • All policy and procedures will use a common format and style.

The "Policy on Policies" is implemented through the Policy Framework Process and through the Procedures Framework Process.