Framework Toolkit

This toolkit will help you navigate through the process of developing university-wide policies.

Policies exist to ensure that the University's processes and practices align with the University's vision, mission and values, regulatory and governance environment and need for change. They describe the University's position on a particular issue. Procedures for implementation, communication and compliance monitoring should be developed for each policy.

A University Policy:

  • states the University’s position on issues which have University-wide application
  • embodies the University’s governing principles and helps to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • enhances the University’s mission or reduces institutional risk
  • changes infrequently
  • is formally approved by the Board of Regents

University Procedures:

  • Articulate the method by which a policy is carried out
  • Outline a set of instructions that must be followed in order to achieve a specific purpose or outcome
  • Identify roles and responsibilities

While this toolkit incorporates the Policy Framework for university-wide policies, units may develop local policies that have applicability within their unit, as long as the policies are consistent with University-wide policies and the development of the local policies follows the same principles for development, consultation, approval, dissemination and review as the University-wide policies.