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Procedure for Reporting Accidents with University-owned Vehicles

Approval Date: 2014-12-01

Effective Date: 2014-12-01

Responsible Unit: Office of the Chief Risk Officer


1. The Highway Traffic Act requires that all accidents, where injury to person(s) is involved, must be reported to the police within 24 hours. (R.C.M.P. or R.N.C. have headquarters in all areas of the Province in their respective areas of jurisdiction). Also, accidents where combined damages to vehicles exceed $1,000.00 plus taxes must be reported to the respective police force.

2. Any accident involving a University vehicle, regardless of the dollar value of repair, must be reported to the Chief Risk Officer and the Director of Financial and Administrative Services via the Procurement Officer.

3. The Procurement Officer must immediately be advised of an accident in order that he may advise and assist with accident reports, inspection of the vehicle, establishing cost of damages, and obtaining repair estimates.

4. Any vehicle accident occurring on campus must also be reported to the applicable Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office (CEP) within twenty-four hours. (Reference section 1.5 of the Memorial University Traffic and Parking Regulations).

5. Drivers of University vehicles should be aware that when vehicle accidents are reported to the police, the report will be available to local insurance companies. The implications of this will be that the driver's personal vehicle insurance premiums may be increased. The University can take no responsibility for the effect an accident involving a University vehicle may have on personal insurance premiums.

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