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Procedure for Acquisition of University Vehicles

Approval Date: 2014-07-25

Effective Date: 2014-07-25

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management


1. A Vehicle Acquisition Form (VAF), for the purchase, lease, or long-term rental of a vehicle from University or grant funds must be submitted to the appropriate Unit Head who must recommend approval before forwarding the request to FM. To do this, the VAF will need to be completed with the required approval(s), along with the estimated cost and vehicle specifications.FM will review the VAF and forward to the appropriate Vice-President for approval.

2. Once approval is received in FM by the Vice President (Administration and Finance, the VAF, along with the specifications required will be sent to the Department of Financial & Administrative Services Strategic Procurement Office (SPO) and the requesting unit to begin the open call for bid process. 

3. Once the preferred bidder is chosen by Strategic Procurement (SPO), FM will create a purchase requisition and forward to SPO to create the Purchase Order. 

4. FM will receive the vehicle from the dealer, complete a detailed record, have appropriate identification affixed, and install a First Aid kit, a GPS device (at a cost to the vehicle owner) and fire extinguisher before turning the vehicle over to the user unit. 

5. FM will arrange to have the University logo/crest placed on the vehicle together with the vehicle identification number. In certain circumstances approved by the Vice-President (Administration and Finance), appropriate identification may be limited to vehicle identification numbers.

6. FM will advise the Office of the Chief Risk Officer of the details of the vehicle in order that the necessary adjustments may be made to the University insurance policies. The applicable insurance will be confirmed, coinciding with annual registration renewal. 

7. For rental of vehicles for a period of greater than 30 days (rentals up to 30 days are covered in the Travel - General policy), an email request should be forwarded outlining the duration of the rental and purpose for which the rental is being requested. FM will provide a recommended rental based on approval from Financial and Administrative Services, Strategic Procurement Office (SPO). 

When lease or long-term rental of a vehicle for a unit is approved in accordance with this policy and arranged by FM, FM will ensure and verify that the full insurance coverage required by the University is obtained.

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