Campus Safety

Memorial University strives to develop a health and safety culture with special emphasis on the prevention of injuries and illnesses. Health and safety is a shared responsibility.

The Campus Enforcement and Patrol Safety brochure is filled with useful information and tips to keep you safe. Additional information can be found in the St. John’s campus safety tips document.


Require security assistance?

Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) services are provided 365 day per year, with 24 hour coverage by vehicle and foot patrols on the St. John’s  campus and at Grenfell Campus. Officers are trained in first aid, CPR and emergency response procedures. To contact CEP:

St. John’s campus: Facilities Management Building FM-1018, phone 864-8561 or Health Sciences Centre H-2720, phone 777-7280.

Grenfell campus: Arts and Science Building AS-201, phone 637-6210.


See something unsafe on campus?

Report an incident or concern through Memorial’s incident management system eAlert. This system is not monitored on a 24-7 basis and emergent incidents should be reported to CEP at 864-4100 or to 911. Incidents on Grenfell Campus can be reported to the Office of the General Services Supervisor at 637-6224.

You can also report an emergency by using one of the emergency phones strategically located on the St. John’s Campus and at Grenfell Campus. Simply push the button to contact CEP. The phones are distinctly marked with blue LED and do not require dialing.


Require an escort?

If you have to walk alone at night or go to another area of the building you are working in or another building on campus and you are uncomfortable, call CEP. A CEP officer will provide personal security escort services (e.g. to and from vehicles, upon request).


Need to report a workplace health and safety incident?

If you experience a personal injury or incident on campus contact the Office of Faculty Relations.