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Closed Tuesday, November 11, 2014 for statutory holiday. The clinic will reopen on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.

If MUN is closed due to weather, the clinic is also closed.




You MUST be a REGISTERED MUN STUDENT to be seen at this clinic.


The Student Health Service provides primary health care to Memorial's students.   

Primary care, or family medicine, emphasizes first contact care, health maintenance, primary prevention, and management of common acute and chronic illnesses. It is broad in scope and includes the initial management of any symptom, regardless of organ system, sex

The clinicians working at Student Health have expertise in the diagnosis and management of health concerns common to university students. These include: contraception, sexually transmitted infections, women's health, musculoskeletal injuries, mood disorders, acne, etc.

We are committed to keeping uptodate with the latest developments in medicine, using information technology to ensure best possible patient care. In 2008 we implemented electronic medical records system to improve patient care and office efficiency.

Our senior physicians are assistant clinical professors of family medicine, and are involved in teaching medical students and family medicine residents. You may be asked to see a medical resident or medical student when you visit, who is always supervised by an attending family physician.