Frequently Asked Questions

1. My course was cancelled, Can I get a course cancellation fee?

If your course is cancelled or your appointment is revoked after you have received your appointment letter, the following fees, prorated for portions of the course, will apply:

  • $300 if you have previously taught the course
  • $500 if you have not previously taught the course

2. How do I determine my seniority points?

To determine your probationary or seniority points for the academic unit in which you teach, contact the administrator in your academic unit.

3. I have to be absent from class, what do I do?

In the event that you must be absent from class, please make every effort to contact the administrative office of the academic unit in which you teach to make appropriate arrangements or to notify students of cancellation.

4. How do I select the textbook for my class?

The method for textbook selection varies. In some cases, textbook selection may be determined by a collegial process where multiple sections of a course are taught by a number of instructors; if you are the only instructor, you will need to determine from the administrative office of the unit in which you are teaching the process and procedure for the selection and ordering of textbooks.

5. How much are union dues? Who pays? How are they collected?

Membership dues are set at 1.49% in LUMUN’s constitution. They are automatically deducted from the pay you receive for instructional duties only and are deducted directly from your pay cheque by Memorial University.

6. Can I post grades outside my office door?

Throughout the term, you might wish to post students’ grades on various assignments either outside your office door or on-line via the D2L Course Shell. For privacy reasons, students’ names cannot be displayed with grades assigned. If you plan to use students’ MUN numbers for identification, please use only the last five digits to ensure that there is no risk that confidentiality might be compromised. For further information on departmental procedures and deadlines for the submission of grades and grade change procedures, contact your academic unit.