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Pjila'si - Atelihai - Tshima minu takushinieku - Tunngasugit - Welcome


The Aboriginal Resource Office (ARO) at Memorial welcomes you to our website. We are happy that your path has taken you here and that you may be considering attending Memorial.  Memorial University's St. John's Campus is home to approximately 18,000 students. Of this number there are over 500 Aboriginal students who self-identify on the St. John's campus. Memorial University understands 'Aboriginal' as having First Nations, Inuit or Métis ancestry. Most of Memorial's Aboriginal students come from various areas of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as other provinces across Canada.

There are many resources, programs and services dedicated to Aboriginal students on the St. John’s Campus. Along with an Aboriginal Resource Office Coordinator, there is a Coordinator for Aboriginal Student Success and an Aboriginal Cultural Education Coordinator.

The St. John’s campus is home to the Siawiti'nej Aboriginal Student Council, and new students are always encouraged to join. Memorial has an Aboriginal representative on the Memorial University Student’s Union (MUNSU) who will take your concerns to heart.

The Circle: First Nations, Inuit & Métis Resource Centre is on the sixth floor of the University Centre and is managed by MUNSU. The ARO has an Aboriginal Student Lounge located at UC-4005. The Aboriginal Student Lounge has free photocopying, computer access, a fax machine, and a phone for local calls, as well as a fridge, microwave and free coffee and tea. Don't miss out on Mid-week Munchies; we have free snacks and lunch foods every Wednesday from 10AM-2PM. We have writing clinics to help with essay writing and research papers every Monday from 12PM-2PM and every Wednesday from 2PM-4PM. We host a drum circle every Friday from 12PM-1PM on the third floor of the University Centre; just follow the scent of the medicines from our smudge and the sound of our drums and singing, everyone is welcome and we have drums to share. We also have student gatherings, occasional Aboriginal films, Aboriginal welcome events, Aboriginal awareness activities, culturally safe spaces for students to practice smudging and Kullik/Qulliq lighting, as well as many other exciting initiatives. 

Aboriginal Student Lounge (UC-4005) Hours: 8AM-5PM


Phone: 709-864-3495


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