Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my employee ID number?

Employee ID numbers are displayed on pay stubs. This information is available on the employee self-service tab in the portal.

2. How do I access my pay stub?

Log in to the portal and access the employee tab, and then click the Pay Information link.

3. How do I set up or change the banking information for where my payroll is deposited.

Complete either of the following:

  • an Application for Direct Deposit Form and note ‘Change’ on the form where you already have direct deposit set up; AND
  • provide a completed bank authorization from your branch; or
  • submit a VOID cheque

Forward the information to the Department of Human Resources for update via or in person to AA-4023 4th floor of the Arts and Administration Building.

4. How do I request a Record of Employment?

To request a ROE call 864-2434. Be prepared to provide your employee ID number, the date of your last day worked and the name of the department in which you worked. Once requested, your ROE will be generated in approximately one week and forwarded to Service Canada. You will be able to access your ROE by logging into the Service Canada website.

5. How do I request a copy of my T4?

Your T4 is available to you on the portal under the Employee Services tab. Click the Tax Forms link to view and or print a copy of your T4. If you are unable to access the portal or view your T4 contact 864-2434.

6. How can I get confirmation of my employment?

Complete and submit the Authorization and Release of Information form and submit it to the Department of Human Resources in person or attach it to an email to Requests are normally processed and provided within two business days.

7. How do I change my address or my phone number?

You can do this on the portal. Once logged in, access the Employee Services tab. On the Employee Main Menu, click the Personal Information link to view and/or follow the directions provided to change your contact information. You would have provided us with your T4 address when you were hired. It is important to note that this is a required address type and cannot be deleted. It is where your T4 statement of earnings will be delivered annually. Ensure your T4 address is always up to date. This will ensure timely delivery of important information.

8. When will I get paid?

Per course instructors are paid on a bi-weekly basis. A semester is based on 16 weeks with eight pay periods unless otherwise noted in your letter of appointment. Commencement of pay will depend on the date of your appointment letter and payroll processing dates.

9. I have questions about my pay - who do I ask?

Your pay stub is available online through for viewing and printing purposes. If you have a concern about information related to your pay contact your academic unit or 864-2434.

10. What employee information is available in the portal?

In the Employee tab of the portal, Memorial employees can access employment related information including: pay stubs, deductions, tax information, personal contact information and the employee equity survey. The portal also allows you to access D2L through the employee tab.

11. I cannot log into portal, what do I do?

If you are having technical issues contact Information Technology Services at 864-4595 or Questions regarding information on the portal can be directed to 864-2434 or

12. I am no longer employed with the university. How do I access pay stubs and my T4 information?

Former employees can continue to access employee data on If your password has expired (within the last year), click the Having Problems tab and follow the instructions to reset. You will need your employee number, date of birth, and last four digits of your social insurance number if your account has been inactive for more than one year. It is possible that access and the ability to use that account would be prevented due to the extended period of inactivity. If you encounter this scenario, contact 864-4595 to assist with a manual reset.