Dr. Mark Abrahams



Bachelors: B.Sc. (hons) University of Western Ontario, ON

Masters: M.Sc. Queen's University, ON

Doctoral: Ph.D. Simon Fraser University, BC

Telephone: (709) 864-8154

E-mail: mabrahams@mun.ca

Website: www.mun.ca/osc/mabrahams/index.php

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the interactions between predators and their prey, and how behavioural changes by prey to avoid being killed by their predators impacts aquatic ecosystems (the ecology of fear). Within the model systems I study, predators must be significantly larger than their prey so I have been examining how these size differences impact their response to changes in the physical environment and the consequences for predator-prey interactions. I am also examining predictability within marine ecosystems, its impact on predator-prey interactions, and how that effects the interaction between sea cage aquaculture and capture fisheries.