Photo Gallery

Brendan Wringe spawning a male cod (2010).

Brendan Wringe photographing for a study of wild-farm cod morphology (2009). 

Gwyn Mason and Ian sampling salmon from a reciprocol transplant experiment (2014).

Gwyn Mason and Jon Pearse sampling salmon(2014).

Kristin Boe tagging Atlantic Salmon kelt (2015).

Kristin Boe releasing Atlantic salmon kelt (post-spawners) in the Campbelton River (2015).



Ingrborg Mulder with tagged Artic char at Muddy Bay Brook, Labrador (2015).

Kristin Boe releasing a tagged Artic char in Sandwich Bay, Labrador (2015).

Sammy Crowley, Steve Duffy and Ian electrofishing to recapture wild, farm and hybrid Atlantic salmon juveniles as part of a release experiment (2019).

Sindy Dove undertaking a molecular study of innate antiviral-like responses of wild, farm and hybrid salmon (2019).

Shahin Islam, with Ian, undertaking rearing experiments involving NA and European farm salmon and wild salmon (2018).

Campbelton River adult counting fence where we have conducted studies of smolt & adult Atlantic Salmon.

Caroline Ofosu studying Artic char diet in Nunatsiavut (2022)



Invasive brown trout on the Avalon Peninsula.

Vicki Heath and Isaiah Power Smith studying thermal tolerance in Atlantic salmon (2022).



Hallie Arno, Cory Porter, Steve Duffy and Ian salmon parr in Terrenceville Brook (2023).


Cameron MacPhail on the Rocky River where he is studying interactions between anadromous and ouananiche (resident) Atlantic salmon (2023).


John Winters sampling Artic char in Hopedale, Nunatsiavut, as part of diet study (2023).