About Us

Facilities Management is a dynamic team dedicated to providing support services necessary to promote excellence in teaching and learning, research, and public engagement activities at Memorial.

The Facilities Management team is comprised of three units, which are overseen by the Associate Vice-President (Facilities). 

Three Icons representing the FM departments

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is responsible for the full scope of administrative support functions for the Facilities Management department. These include budget and financial administration, human resources management, central purchasing stores and fleet maintenance management.

General inquiries may be directed to 709-864-8717.

Physical Infrastructure and Sustainability
Facilities Engineering & Development (FED)

FED is responsible for the planning, design, and contract management for renovations, construction, and facilities upgrades. It also develops, implements, and executes engineering plans and specifications for major and minor capital renovation work. FED also develops detailed specifications and drawings for various equipment, contracts, and services and maintains a documentation system to track university facilities' continuous changes. 

For more information related to project and design services, call 709-864-8555.

Space Planning

Space Planning is the process that develops ”functional programs” to analyze user groups’ needs to ensure they have appropriate facilities that fulfill their functional and operational needs — the right spaces with the right features. Functional programs are informed by the university Space Policy and Space Management Standards and Guidelines— developed and implemented by the team — to ensure equitable and efficient space allocation.

Facilities Management's Space Planning team is responsible for campus-wide planning and operational readiness. The team tracks all space-related data for the university’s owned and leased spaces for the university’s reporting requirements. Their work plays a critical role in campus-wide strategic planning.

The space planning team works with academic and administrative client groups, the minor and major capital construction groups and external design consultants to assess departmental space needs and achieve effective utilization of space.

The university's Sign Shop is also a part of the Space Planning Team. All Campus signage is designed, manufactured, installed and maintained by Facilities Management with an exception for large construction projects or new buildings (where signage is part of the contract).  Design is based on signage standards or existing practice, code requirements and it is closely coordinated with the Division of Marketing and Communication to maintain university brand standards.


Operations and Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance team provides core services to Memorial University to ensure the university's day-to-day operations continue without interruptions. This team encompasses a broad spectrum of services, competencies, equipment and tools required to ensure our facilities perform the functions for which they were designed.

Provided services are a mix of on-demand and planned services. On-demand services include responding to all custodial, grounds and maintenance work requests submitted to Work Control.

The Operations and Maintenance team ensures that specialized user-group equipment and safety systems are properly integrated with existing building systems to support on-campus activities, including scholarly research and creative work.

The team has staff available 24/7 for emergency maintenance in the event of equipment breakdowns, infrastructure/utility failures, and damage.

The Operations and Maintenance team's key services include Work Control, Energy ControlsCentral UtilitiesBuilding Services and GroundsCustodial ServicesElectrical Services and the various other skilled trade shops on campus.

For more information, contact work control at 709-864-7600 or email at facman@mun.ca.