Vision, Mission and Values

Memorial University Commemorative Statement

This university was raised by the people of Newfoundland as a memorial to the fallen in the great wars, 1914-1918, 1939-1945, that in freedom of learning, their cause and sacrifice might not be forgotten.

The founders of Memorial University had a desire to create a unique memorial as a tribute to those who served in the war and made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom. No simple monument would do. The university itself - its buildings and its grounds - would be, in perpetuity, a living memorial. Today, we, the employees of Facilities Management, embrace this responsibility with pride and accept their trust for maintaining, protecting, and further developing this living memorial for the rest of the university community and for the people of this province.

Our Vision and Guiding Principles

The Department of Facilities Management is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of its services and in the fulfillment of all aspects of its organizational mission. This vision of excellence, and our ongoing mission, will be achieved through the following set of guiding principles:

Employee Support and Development

The continuous support and personal development of all our employees is an ongoing commitment for both the department and the university.

Service and Quality

Our department's success will be built upon the cornerstones of dedicated service and exceptional quality.

Customer Focus and Attention

Our clients' needs and expectations, as well as their ongoing safety and security, will be factored into all departmental endeavors, responsibilities, and resulting accomplishments.

Leadership and Teamwork

Our employees' efforts and performance will be characterized by strong leadership at all levels in the department and effective teamwork across all boundaries.

Learning and Change

Facilities Management recognizes the need to develop an organizational culture that supports and promotes the concepts of continuous learning and progressive change.

Pride and Commitment

The departmental mission of Facilities Management will be achieved by its employees through the hallmarks of pride and commitment.