Facilities Engineering and Development

Facilities Engineering and Development's (FED) primary function is to provide the university with design and construction management services by relying on both in-house staff and outside consultants. The Development and Renewal section is responsible for administering and managing various contracts, including new building construction, building additions, renovations, property, and facilities upgrades. The Facilities Engineering & Development section carries out the in-house capital project and design services relating to mechanical, electrical, civil, HVAC controls, interior design, space planning and contract administration.  It develops, implements, and executes engineering plans and specifications for major and minor capital renovation work throughout Memorial University's St. John's campus. 

Examples of minor capital work:

  • Capital renovations (ie: office suite, classroom, public space upgrades including interior design services).
  • Building additions <$5M, subject to VP approval.
  • New building construction <$5M, subject to VP approval.
  • Capital Deferred Renewal Projects (ie: roof/window replacement, large operations replacements, campus site development upgrades).
  • New furniture purchases or replacement.
  • Building Code assessments.
  • Building Accessibility Assessments.
  • External Architectural/Engineering Consultant retention design services.

Examples of major capital work:

  • Building additions >$5M, subject to BoR approval.
  • Building additions >$5M, subject to BoR Approval.
  • Other changes to the footprint of existing structures.
  • Redevelopment of existing space costing greater than 50% of the cost value of the building.
  • Grounds improvements that alter function and use.
  • Special infrastructure processes which require significant capital outlay in excess of $5M.


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