Space Planning

 The Space Planning and Administration team manages space inventory, assesses and accommodates space requests, facilitates the efficient allocation of space, and ensures the administration of the space policy.

Space Inventory information gathered from departments will allow for the overall planning for campus. The Space Planning and Administration team also reviews space utilization and room numbering, in addition to: 

  • Data Collection and Maintenance: Personnel data is updated via the electronic space forms application. This is updated by the user for the various faculty and departments. It is the responsibility of administrative personnel to update FM on space and personnel database changes. 
  • Space Reports: The annual space report for each faculty and department is issued in November, based on October 31 data. Reports are sent to all departmental heads, directors, or deans. The working copy of each space report is available for all space coordinators. Customized reports based on the existing content of the space database are available for various surveys, grant applications, and ad hoc inquiries.
  • Buildings Floor Plans: The web-based visual management application provides building floor plans on the St. John's campus. PDF building floor plans are available upon request. Plans requested by students need to have authorization from the department's administrative head.
  • Sign Making: All Campus signage is designed, manufactured, installed and maintained by Facilities Management with an exception for large construction projects or new buildings (where signage is part of the contract). Special Requests for signage can be directed to the Manager, Space Planning. All other requests can be submitted using a Non-Maintenance Work Request form.