Facilities Management Services are provided through two main streams, regular maintenance provided by way of Work Control, or capital project work completed by Facilities Engineering and Development. If you are unsure which category your request would fall under, contact work control at or 709-864-7600.


Capital Projects

Services provided by Facilities Engineering & Development, which include both Minor and Major capital projects, as defined in the Capital Projects Policy:

  • establishing a new space including the construction of new buildings,
  • external additions to existing structures,
  • other changes to the footprint of existing structures,
  • grounds improvements that alter function and use.

The threshold between Minor and Major capital projects is $5,000,000. Projects require completion of the  before initiating. 

For more information, contact Facilities Engineering & Development by calling 709-864-8555. 


Work Control

Services arranged and provided by Work Control include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Carpentry services, including bookcases, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Grounds work, including landscaping, tree planting, etc.
  • General facilities maintenance
  • Snow removal and ice clearing
  • Secure shredding services
  • Blinds
  • Custodial services including trash collection, floor refinishing, etc.
  • Sign making

Contact information for Facilities Management