To request a major renovation, please complete a Non-Maintenance Request form. Work performed by Facilities Engineering and Development (FED) may utilize external contractors, following the Public Procurement Act

Preliminary information and order of magnitude estimates are provided at no cost to clients. The cost for more accurate estimates is fully recovered from the requestor. Two types of estimates are prepared:

  1. Budget Estimates: These are unit costs based on areas of work and do not have elemental breakdowns of items. Accuracy is considered to be +25%/-15% of the final project cost.
  2. Detailed estimates: These estimates involve the development of preliminary drawings and construction elements, quantities and unit costs. A detailed estimate may significantly increase the time and cost required to complete the estimate. Accuracy is considered to be +20%/-10% of the final project cost.

Typically, budgetary estimates are used for financial planning while detailed estimates are reserved for projects for which funding is approved and construction is imminent. They are also performed just prior to tendering to ensure that the project funding and anticipated costs are in line.

Note: A valid FOAPAL is required to complete detailed estimates, with all related costs for the scope of work recovered from the requesting department.

Where significant mechanical or electrical systems are involved, external consultants may be required to provide estimating services. Client departments are advised of this requirement prior to engaging these services.

For more information, contact Facilities Engineering & Development by calling 709-864-8555.

Repairs and regular maintenance items should be directed to Work Control by calling 709-864-7600 or e-mail