Custodial Services

Routine custodial services are provided at no cost to departments and are typically available at the following frequencies: Custodial Services is responsible for building cleaning and caretaking. Its duties include general cleaning, waste removal, collection of recyclables, drape and blind cleaning/repair, pest control, and snow removal from building entrances.

  • washrooms, classrooms, and common areas are cleaned daily
  • general offices are cleaned twice weekly
  • private offices are cleaned weekly

Annual project work is provided and includes stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, and spot washing.

Cleaning for conferences, functions and incremental project cleaning or items such as after hours stripping and waxing that cannot be accommodated within regular working hours, are available and will be charged to the requesting department.

Services can be obtained by calling Work Control Centre at 864-7600 or through campus e-mail, Emergency cleaning may be requested 24 hours a day by calling the Work Control Centre 864-7600.