Researcher Profiles

Department Head, Dr. Syed Imtiaz: Process control, data-based process monitoring, alarm management, nonlinear model predictive control

Dr. Amer Aborig: Reservoir engineering, pressure well testing, well logging and formation evaluation, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), horizontal well technology

Dr. Salim Ahmed: System identification, process control, alarm system design, process safety, and risk analysis

Dr. Ramin Azargohar: Biomass utilization, biochar production, conversion, and applications, environmental and industrial applications of carbon-based adsorbents and catalysts

Dr. Stephen Butt: Sustainable development of natural resources, drilling and mining engineering, experimental systems design and development, technology development and transfer/commercialization

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt: Bioprocessing of waste biomass and industrial waste for value-added recovery, green processes for gas clean-up and CO2 sequestration, treatment of mining and oil and gas wastewaters with green bioadsorbents

Dr. Lesley James: Enhanced oil recovery, production optimization, phase behavior, and reservoir engineering

Dr. Cui Lin: Underground stress estimation, ground stability control, mine planning and design optimization, numerical modeling in geomechanics, mineral processing, mine tailings management and disposal, and corrosion control

Dr. Sohrab Zendehboudi: Energy and environment, reservoir analysis, transport phenomena, carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration

Dr. Yahui Zhang: Mineral processing, hydrometallurgy and chemistry of materials

Dr. Yan Zhang: Synthesis of biopolymer-based adsorbents, adsorption and photocatalytic reaction for wastewater treatment, and chiral separation