In the Community

Visit the following to learn more about Process Engineering in the community.

CBC's Signal with Adam Walsh spoke with our Process Engineering Professors, Drs. Lesley James and Kelly Hawboldt and their research students about carbon capture utilization and storage, as well as about a provincial climate collective of young folks. (September 2023).

At the Young Minds in Mining Showcase, held at Valmont Academy in King’s Point, our Process Engineering team highlighted process engineering education and the co-op work term experience leading to careers in mining (June 2023).

Our Dr. Stephen Butt receives national recognition for his “game-changing” research in the mining industry (September 2022)

Sustainable Solutions: Researchers (including our Dr. Kelly Hawboldt) tackle coastal community sustainability through two-eyed seeing lense (January 2022)

Dr. Stephen Butt - Training Mining Engineers (Case Study 3)