What is Process Engineering?

Process engineering is a program of the 21st century where you’ll learn to support the sustainable economic and technological development of industries anywhere in the world. Process engineering focuses on the processing of petrochemical, oil, gas, minerals, food and other natural resources to obtain valuable products in a sustainable manner.

  • Learn from a multidisciplinary faculty team with expertise in metallurgic processes and specific engineering disciplines: geology, environment, oil and gas, safety and risk
  • Transform raw materials into useful, valuable products and put them to the test through a variety of industries
  • Study thermodynamics, modeling and analysis, equipment design, simulation, plant designs, economics, mass transfer, and industrial pollution control
  • Discover how to integrate green and clean processes that are environmentally safe
  • Specializations: minerals and metals processing, downstream oil and gas processing
  • Emerging areas: offshore petroleum engineering, environmental engineering and sustainability

What's Your Dream Career?

  • Process engineers: design/operation of equipment in chemicals, minerals, oil and gas industries
  • Biochemical engineers: agriculture, water and waste projects
  • Food engineers: disease-resistant food and crops
  • Metal and mineral engineers: mineral extraction, greener methods for processing
  • Petroleum and petrochemical engineers: enhance production and extraction methods
  • Chemical engineers: process chemicals and polymers
  • Safety engineers: assess and improve safety design and minimize risk
  • Environmental engineers: pollution prevention, control and mitigation, sustainable development
  • Consultants: design of processes, equipment and environmental management
  • Pharmaceutical engineers: design and operate equipment that produces life-enhancing drugs/medicines efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Plant engineers: assess safety and reliability of processing facilities
  • Education: researchers, professors, instructors

A step in the right direction

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