Researcher Profiles

Discipline Head: Amgad Hussein

Seshu Adluri: Structural engineering, steel design, finite element analysis, dynamics and vibrations and fitness for service assessment

Steve Bruneau: Ice, wind, hydro and energy

Bing Chen: Environmental modelling, pollution control, watershed management, decision support system, petroleum waste management, site remediation and climate change studies

Cynthia Coles: Metal contamination of soils and groundwater, adsorption isotherms, bioremediation and arsenic removal from groundwater and benefits of electric transit

Ashutosh Sutra Dhar: Limit states of municipal and energy pipelines; pipeline corrosion/deterioration modelling; long-term integrity management; mechanically-based probabilistic model; constitutive modelling

Assem Hassan: Development and use of self-consolidating concrete; high performance and high strength concretes; the use of waste products and mineral admixtures in concrete; rheology of cement paste and concrete mixtures; durability (porosity, diffusivity, chloride permeability) of concrete structures; corrosion monitoring and accelerated corrosion testing of reinforced concrete structures; service life prediction of concrete structures; bond, shear, cracking and deflection performance of large scale structural members

Bipul C. Hawlader: Geotechnical engineering; Large-scale landslides and run-out; Onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines; Pile foundations; Riser-seabed-water interaction; Large deformation behaviour of soil; Numerical analysis; Centrifuge modelling; Laboratory testing

Hodjat Shiri:  Fluid-soil-pipeline interaction, fatigue performance of deep water risers, arctic seabed hazards and its impact on subsea flowlines and subsea structures, VIV fatigue performance and the integrity of subsea flowlines, offshore foundations and geotechnique, arctic subsea renewable energies, the impact of seabed hazards on mobile jackup units, catenary mooring and performance of anchoring systems, subsea and offshore installation techniques, offshore construction challenges etc.

Tahir Husain: Water filtration technology

Amgad Hussein: Advanced composite materials as reinforcement for concrete structures, testing of concrete under generalized stress conditions and constitutive modelling of concrete structures

Leonard Lye: Design and analysis of experiments; environmental statistics; statistical hydrology; product design; engineering education

Ken Snelgrove: Physical hydrology, remote sensing and GIS, climate change and extremes of floods and drought

Baiyu (Helen) Zhang: Soil and groundwater remediation, offshore oil spill response, marine oily wastewater treatment, offshore reservoir souring analysis and control, biological interactions affecting pollutant transport, solid waste composting and northern environmental studies

Kamal Hossain:Pavement Engineering, Pavement Materials and Designs, Pavement Recycling, Asphalt Cement and Polymer, Laboratory Characterization, Nano Technologies and Smart Pavements, Performance Modeling, Pavement Mechanics, Finite Element Modeling, Transportation Sustainability, Life Cycle Analysis, Highway and Winter Maintenance, Deicing, Road Safety, Cold Region Pavement, Pavement Asset Management. For more information please visit Dr. Hossain’s research website:


Civil Engineering

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