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MUN Concrete Toboggan Team

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is the largest and longest-running national engineering student competition in Canada. Teams design, build, and race toboggans with the following basic criteria:

  • Toboggan must safely hold 5 riders
  • Running surface must be made entirely of concrete
  • Must have a working brake
  • Must have a roll bar
  • Must weigh less than 300 pounds

In addition to the technical aspects, GNCTR is, of course, incredibly
fun. You won't want to miss out! Everyone who attends has the time of
their life, and it is a memorable experience. There is a spirit
component to the competition, so teams have a theme and come up with
hilarious costumes and cheers. It's all about making tons of friends,
networking, and having a great time.