What is Civil Engineering?

Design, plan and manage infrastructure

The possibilities for a dynamic career in Civil Engineering are endless and the demand for civil engineers is at an all-time high. Civil engineers are needed as long as there are communities to build and industries to support. Population growth, environmental concerns and technological changes create challenges for our world and unique opportunities for civil engineers.

  • Design, planning, managing and construction: buildings; bridges; waterways; industrial plants; dams; offshore structures and more
  • Specializations: hydrotechnical; environmental; geotechnical; transportation engineering; infrastructure
  • Emerging areas: environmental engineering and sustainability; Arctic and offshore engineering; smart, innovative materials for construction; structure safety and maintenance

What's your dream career?

  • Oil and gas: designers of offshore structures; subsea engineers; environmental consultants; loss-prevention specialists
  • Consulting: design engineers, geotechnical engineers, project managers, cost estimators
  • Construction: site engineers, surveyors, cost estimators, project engineers, managers and contractors
  • Government: building designers, inspectors, infrastructure planners, project managers, municipal engineers, resource planners
  • Education: researchers, professors, instructors


What makes us stand out?

Our exceptional co-operative program with placements in Canada, U.S. and around the world. Our diverse programs, and opportunities in the oil and gas sector make civil engineering at Memorial unique.

In this section of our website, you can learn more about the Civil Engineering program, how to apply, and why Memorial engineering is one of the best civil engineering programs in Canada.