Leadership Development


For this component, we are looking for participants to take what they have done in Bronze & Silver and really take it to the next level! For this part of Gold, we are looking for participants take on a role that would require them to develop, and put in practice, a set of leadership skills that they may have already started working on in the previous two levels. We also are looking for ways for students to become more involved and engaged with any group of their choice. 

We are currently working with Memorial’s Student Leadership Development Coordinator to create a rubric that will allow students to evaluate whether or not an activity would qualify as Leadership Development for the VIP Gold Level.

In the meantime, the following list is comprised of opportunities we will accept to fulfill this requirement.


Leadership Development Suggestions: 

  • Make Mid-Term Matter Lead
  • On the executive team for a club, society, resource centre or community group
  • SVB Volunteer Assistant
  • Event Lead for a particular event (or series of events) in residence
  • Event Lead for an event in the community (cleanups, food drives, clothing drive)
  • Memorial Student Leadership Program (formerly Operation Leads, Memorial Ambassadors, and Peer Mentor with the Student Experience Office).

Looking to use a position that is not listed above?

When considering a position you hold as a leadership role, this is how you should (and how us here at the SVB) determine whether or not something should be considered as a way of furthering your leadership skills:


Leading the Organization:


    • Problem-solving & making decisions
    • Setting a vision and strategy
    • Time Management
    • Demonstrating a strong understanding and navigation of organization


Leading by Example:


    • Demonstrating ethics and integrity
    • Carrying yourself well
    • Displaying drive and purpose


Leading Others:


    • Communicating effectively
    • Promoting diversity and inclusion
    • Networking with prospective/current members and developing relationships
    • Managing/organizing an effective team


If you’re wondering about a position or activity that’s not on this list, email vip@mun.ca or visit us at UC-3014 and we’d be happy to look into it for you! ALWAYS double check with the SVB and/or VIP Coordinator on the leadership position you would like to satisfy this requirement should it not be listed as a "pre-approved" position.