Benefits of Participating in Skillshare

Volunteer Instructors:

All instructors receive a certificate of recognition from the MUN SVB that signifies the development of their leadership, volunteer, and professional skills in their participation in the Skillshare Event Series. As a volunteer instructor, students are given a platform to develop and enhance their understandings of how to lead an event, how to organize their ideas in an allotted time frame, how to speak publicly, how to act professionally, etc. While the volunteer Instructor adopts the role as a teacher, they are also developing their own skills. The experience as a volunteer instructor can open up networking opportunities, gives the student a chance to meet new people, is an empowering experience that amplifies the student’s voice, and looks great on a resume.

Skillshare Class Attendees:

When a student attends a Skillshare class the SVB acknowledges their newly learned skill, their time/effort as a student, and the development of their professional relationship skills. Being a Skillshare student opens one up to many opportunities to establish relationships, learn new skills, and have fun! By attending one or more Skillshare sessions, the student will not only be adding a new skill to their personal repertoire, but they are also receiving multiple professional development skills that look great on a resume.

VIP members:

If you are registered in the Volunteer Incentive Program, the Skillshare event series is an option to acquire your needed Professional Development hours. It is essential to make sure the coordinator signs the appropriate forms to confirm your attendance and participation. All questions can be directed to!