What can we do for organizations?

At the SVB we not only connect students to groups seeking volunteers but we also do the vice versa! We help organizations, specifically student leaders on campus, develop a plan to recruit, engage, develop, organize and manage volunteers. There are many different ways this can be done and some don't know where to start. If you want to schedule an appointment with the coordinator to talk to them about how to create a plan and/or to get some advice on your current plan, simply email svb@mun.ca


Volunteer Toolkit to engage Newcomer Volunteers  

This Toolkit adapts many key considerations put forward in "Building Blocks for Engaging Newcomer Volunteers: A Guide for Organizations", a project of Volunteer Canada which consolidates current research and practical resources to support inclusive community engagement strategies. We thank all of the organizations that are creating excellent resources to strengthen newcomer engagement in volunteerism. 

Find the Toolkit HERE

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Long-term postings

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Short-term postings

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Clubs and Socieities (along with Memorial Groups) Postings

If your organization looks for people to join your group to help volunteer with events and other activities, click this form here


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