Skillshare Event Series


The MUN Skillshare Event Series provides students with the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills while teaching fellow students a certain skill in a professional setting. Skillshare is a ‘for students, by students’ series of classes, facilitated by the Student Volunteer Bureau, which focuses on developing a student’s professional skills. Skillshare highlights the diverse skillsets possessed by the MUN student body and provides students with the opportunity to lead their own workshop. These free classes give students the chance to learn some skills that will support them in their professional and daily lives.

The first Skillshare event series was created by a former Volunteer Assistant, Julie Dinn, and took place in 2017. The SVB has now adopted Skillshare as a signature event in order to continue giving students the opportunity to exchange their knowledge in a fun and professional setting. The MUN school motto reads “Provehito in Altum” which translates to "Launch forth into the deep". The MUN SVB is dedicated to offering students the chance to launch forth into the unlimited pool of knowledge that exists in the lives of our diverse student body.

Every year the Skillshare Event Series gives rise to a different lineup of classes, sessions, and workshops led by volunteer student instructors. Skillshare is open to all MUN undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students, however, it is one of the many opportunities for members of the Volunteer Incentive Program (V.I.P) to attain their professional development (PD) requirements.