Rainbow Riders

How to Get Involved:

For over 30 years we have been providing equine (horse-based) therapy to children and young adults with physical, emotional or cognitive disabilities.

Location: 103 Mount Scio Road, St. John's

Contact: Shanna Nyathi, Volunteer Coordinator

Email: volunteer@rainbowridersnl.ca

Phone Number: (709)738-1055

Website: www.rainbowridersnl.com

Volunteer Activities/Duties:
Barn volunteers do barn chores such as horse feedings, filling horse's waters, blanketing the horses, turning the horses outside/inside, cleaning stalls and paddocks, sweeping the barn, preparing meals, cleaning tack, cleaning various places in the facility, and feeding our barn cat!
There are two types of Program Volunteers: Leaders and Side Walkers. Leaders are responsible for safely tacking, leading horses and caring for their mental well-being during each lesson. They communicate to our horses clearly and respectfully what their job is throughout the lesson. Additionally, leaders will groom and tack horses for the lesson. Side walkers will reinforce the instructor's directions, provide encouragement, give physical support if needed, and interact with the riders. They are mentors, teachers, friends, and role models to our participants.

Commitment: Rainbow Rider volunteers, whether in the barn or in our program lessons are asked to commit to a regular weekly slot for the duration of a semester (anywhere between 7-10 weeks long) They are then asked if they want to switch a day/time or stay on as a volunteer.

Volunteer Requirements: Barn volunteers spend up to three hours on their feet, with movement required to and from the paddocks, coverall, barn and manure pit. Volunteers can be any age over 16 years old, and generally someone who is reasonably healthy. Program volunteers (Leaders and Side walkers) must be able to walk for an hour on sandy terrain, and trot the length of the indoor arena for part of a lesson.

Other Requirements: All volunteers have to be 16 yrs+. They will also be asked to submit a Code of Conduct if 18 yrs+. Forms are provided by us and a fee waiver for the RNC check.

Registration: Apply online from our website or drop into our office on 103 Mt Scio Rd for a paper application to complete. It is submitted to Shanna Nyathi, Volunteer Coordinator, who will reach out to you to set up an intake meeting to tour the facility and discuss volunteer goals.

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