ElderDog Canada

ElderDog Canada is a national, registered charitable organization dedicated to ageing people, ageing dogs, and the important connection they enjoy. Our purposes are to:

  • Assist and support older adults in the care and well-being of their canine companions;
  • Promote the welfare of older dogs whose lives have been disrupted due to illness, relocation or death of a human companion;
  • Educate about the human-animal bond in general and the significant role of companion animals in the health and well-being of seniors;
  • Support and conduct research into the human-animal bond with a focus on seniors and canine companionship.

The St. John's pawd provides support to older adults and older dogs in the St. John's and surrounding area.

Website: elderdog.ca

Contact Email: stjohnsldr@elderdog.ca

Requirements for Volunteering: vulnerable person's check from RNC, ability to travel to older adult's home

Duties of Volunteers: dog walking, short term foster for older adult families who are temporarily unable to care for their pet, general dog care support to older adults

Commitment: dog walking is generally once or twice per week, other dog care support as needed

How to apply:

There are three steps to finalize your Elder Dog application:

  1. Complete volunteer application – you can find the downloadable link on the website above. The application includes directions where to send the application (volunteer@elderdog.ca).
  2. Include a photo (head shot) for your ID badge.
  3. Complete vulnerable person’s check. The application for the vulnerable person’s check can be found at the link below – it is forwarded by RNC to Elder Dog National: https://www.rnc.gov.nl.ca/services/certificate-of-conduct/


Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elderdogstjohns/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elderdogstjohnsmetro