ClimaFacts Atlantic

ClimaFacts Atlantic is a student-led climate change and environmental awareness initiative. We strive to provide an accessible platform that allows all (Atlantic) Canadians a resource for climate change science, and additionally reduce the misinformation that exists in the media. We will focus on achieving our goals by summarizing climate change and environmental related science in an easy-to-understand format. All information relayed by ClimaFacts Atlantic will be bias-free and exists to give (Atlantic) Canadians the information they need to make their own informed decisions.

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Requirements for Volunteering: We encourage participation of volunteers who have an interest in climate change / environmental science.
Our Writer (Scientific Interpreter) position requires knowledge and/or experience with scientific research and scientific literature. All other positions have no strict requirements.

Duties of Volunteers: We have a variety of volunteer positions with vastly different duties. Our Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, and Outreach Coordinator positions involve duties related to marketing and communications, whereas our Writer (Scientific Interpreter) and Writer (Newsline) involve a little bit of research about climate change science / news and summary, with use of provided templates. More information about specific duties of volunteers can be found on the Google Form Application Links for each position (included below).

Registration Forms: The following LinkTree includes links to the Google Form Application for all 5 of our current volunteer positions:
In-depth role descriptions are included in the header of each Google Form.

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