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How to Get Involved:

Looking for a Queer time?

MUN Sexual and Gender Advocacy Resouce Center, in UC 6022, is looking for hip youth to ride the wave into the future of MUN's St. John's Campus!

Are you interested in learning the ins and outs of peer counseling? The self-evident and fluid truths of gender, sexuality, and your own strengths and checks in the society that formed you, which you help yourself from? Do you want access to a mini fridge, a couch, a computer and all the LBGTQI2S+ resources you can eat, in a room full of people your age with your safety and comfort in mind? All these things and more can be yours, with or without us; but with us, we can promise food sometimes, and also the most absolute baller of parties in our annual Queer Prom, and free clothes in our seasonal Clothing Swap.

Get in contact with us through, by phone at 709-864-7619, or on facebook @munsagaresourcecenter. Drop on by the 6th floor of the University Centre from 10am-4pm on school days, to test the space, or to ask about current volunteer initiaatives; we'll be there, or our lovely neighbours at the International Student Resource Center will be, to help make campus fun, safe, and accessible.