ROCKStar Supervisor Recipients 2020

Thank you for everything you do for graduate students at Memorial University.

Kara Arnold, Faculty of Business Administration

Carissa Brown, Department of Geography

Cathryn Button, Department of Psychology

Duane Button, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation

Sherri Christian, Department of Biochemistry

Kelly Hawboldt, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Fran Kerton, Department of Chemisty

Shawn Leroux, Department of Biology

Joy Maddigan, School of Nursing

Lisa Moore, Department of English

Daryl Pullman, Interdisciplinary PhD

Matthew Rise, Department of Ocean Sciences, Aquaculture

Paul Snelgrove, Department of Ocean Sciences

Anand Yethiraj, Department of Physics and Physcial Oceanography

Guangju Zhai, Faculty of Medicine