Interdisciplinary graduate courses

Graduate students at Memorial University may enrol in the following courses with the permission of 1) the instructor and graduate officer of the academic unit offering the course, and 2) graduate officer of the student’s home academic unit. For more information, please refer to the course information below. To view the list of course offerings for the current or upcoming semesters, please visit the Office of the Registrar website. Once approval is granted, graduate students should complete and submit 1) a Change of Program form to add the course to their program of study, and 2) a Course Change form to formally register.

Education 6461: Graduate Research Writing
Academic unit: Faculty of Education
Semester(s) normally offered: Winter semester
Instructor: Dr. Cecile Badenhorst
Contact to register: Darlene Flight

Course description

In this course, students will learn how to write as emerging scholars. Designed around writing a research project, the course will deconstruct academic writing genres such as research conceptualisation, literature reviews, writing the methodology, research proposals, thesis writing and constructing arguments. The course also covers writing processes, techniques and strategies that will aid a procrastination-free and productive approach to writing. Finally, students reflect on themselves as writers as part of the process of cultivating an identity as a scholarly writer. This course links theory and practice, and provides graduate students with a range of practical techniques and strategies. Who should consider doing this course - those students who are doing a thesis (Masters or PhD level), or students who want to publish their research in scholarly journals. While it is not essential, you will definitely get more out of the course if you have already completed your data collection. All activities are based on your work, so you will need a project or data to work on - this could be a research proposal, a grant proposal, a chapter or a journal paper. This is an intensive writing course with a max of 15 participants and only registered students can attend (no auditing).

Interdisciplinary 6000: Doctoral Internship
Academic unit: School of Graduate Studies
Semester(s) normally offered: All semesters
Instructor: N/A
Contact to register: Krista Shea 

Course description

The School of Graduate Studies allows doctoral students, including ID PhD students, to undertake internships of work. This is not a normal requirement for PhD programs. Students approved to undertake an internship will be required to register for the Doctoral Internship course (INTE 6000). Students will be expected to obtain their own internships (with the help of supervisors when possible) and must have completed their comprehensive exams prior to starting their internships. Internships must be approved by the supervisor, Director of the ID PhD program, and Head of the academic unit (in cases where INTE 6000 is approved for a doctoral student outside of the ID PhD program). In cases where approval is granted, students must add INTE 6000 to their program of study and register using a Course Change form. The doctoral internships shall normally be one semester in duration and consist of a minimum of 420 hours of paid or unpaid work. Students undertaking the internship shall submit a concise report to their supervisors at the end of the semester while on internship. The report and performance in the internship shall be graded as pass/fail by the supervisor upon consultation with the on-site work supervisor. If a student fails to achieve a final grade of pass, and provided the student has not failed to achieve a grade of B or better in any other program course, the student may request to repeat the internship or replace with a substitute course. Only one such repeat or substitution will be permitted in a student’s program. Students who drop an internship without permission, fail to honour an agreement to work with a host employer, or who conduct themselves in a manner as to cause their discharge from the internship position will normally be awarded a failed grade for the internship.


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