Start-up Guide

The following tips are intended to help you quickly get started and accustomed to the main features of the Graduate Commons:

  • Logging in for the first time: You can access the Graduate Commons by visiting and logging in with your MUN login credentials. If you are a registered graduate student, you’ll have access to the Graduate Commons shell immediately. Once you login, you should see the Graduate Commons under the “My Courses” widget. Please consider “pinning” the Graduate Commons so it appears at the top of your course list and among your current semester courses.

  • Creating a profile: Although it is optional, we encourage all grad students to upload a photo and complete their Brightspace profile to help enhance the sense of community in the Graduate Commons. To do this, click on your name in the minibar at the top of page, select “About Me,” and upload your photo and fill in the text fields of your choosing.

  • Using the discussion forum: The Graduate Commons’ discussion forum is an excellent way for graduate students to ask/answer questions, offer advice, and share experiences with their peers. The forum is divided into two topics – general discussion, and career planning and job search. To create an original message or thread, first click on the appropriate topic, then click on “Start a New Thread,” and enter your subject and message. Click the “Reply” link to respond to a particular post. CITL offers these helpful tips for using the discussion forum. Please note that posts cannot be deleted. Email if you wish to have your post removed.

  • Using the toolboxes: You can access a comprehensive collection of resources for graduate students by clicking on “Toolboxes”. The resources are organized by category (e.g., writing, finances, wellness, etc.), and you can click on the category link to view the resources that have been added. The breadcrumb will allow you to quickly navigate backwards, and the arrows at the top and bottom of the page will also help move back and forth between resources.

  • Turning notifications on/off: Brightspace allows you to set notifications for the Graduate Commons so you get automatic alerts to your email or mobile device regarding changes and updates. To do this, click on your name in the minibar at the top of the page, select “Notifications,” enter your email address and/or mobile number, and adjust your notification preferences (e.g., new discussion post). You can also receive a daily or weekly of activities on the Graduate Commons.

If you have any trouble accessing or using the features in the Graduate Commons, please don’t hesitate to contact the CITL Support Centre.