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Looking for advice? You have choices. The Graduate Officer of your academic unit or the academic programs assistant can assist with specific requirements for your program. Staff in the School of Graduate Studies are also available to provide general support to graduate students at all stages of their program, from admissions to graduation.

Faculty and staff in the School of Graduate Studies at Memorial University are currently working remotely. Please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Kim (for academic matters) or Carol Sullivan (for financial matters). Alternatively, email our office directly at We will respond to your email as quickly as possible (normally within 1-2 business days).


Dr. Aimée Surprenant (more...)
Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Dean of Graduate Studies 
Phone: 1-709-864-2478

Dr. Danine Farquharson (more...)
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Phone: 1-709-864-2478

Ms. Annette Williams
Secretary to the Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Dean of Graduate Studies
The Deans’ Secretary manages the Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Associate Deans’ scheduling and appointments; processes student requests for conference travel; prepares various status letters for students; and prepares agendas/minutes for Academic Council Executive and the Academic Council.
Phone: 1-709-864-2478

Ms. Krista Shea, BBA
Committees Secretary
The Committees Secretary is responsible for all reviews, ad hoc committees, and appeals/investigations for the School, and supports the Interdisciplinary PhD program.
Phone: 1-709-864-2435

Mr. Andrew Kim, BSc (Hon.), MBA (more...)
Director, Graduate Enrolment Services                                
Phone: 1-709-864-8847

Ms. Carol Sullivan, BBA, MBA (more...)
Manager, Fellowships and Awards
Phone: 1-709-864-3425


Ms. Julie Bowering, BA
Senior Career Development Coordinator
The Career Development Coordinator facilitates a series of career development workshops to graduate students each semester that provide information on topics such as resume and CV building, academic and non-academic job search, networking and interview skills; co-facilitates a new program called the Professional Skills Development Program for International Students; and meets with students one-on-one, to provide detailed information based on a graduate student's specific situation and individual career needs.
Phone: 1-709-864-2976

Ms. Cam Hong Ho, MBA
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
The Recruitment and Retention Coordinator is responsible for graduate prospect management, student recruitment, student statistical data, information sessions and webinars, and campus visits.
Phone: 1-709-864-2480

Ms. Ashley Hurley, BA, MPC
Marketing Advisor
The Marketing Advisor is responsible for managing all the graduate school’s websites, social media, publications, the graduate newsletter, and general communications.
Phone: 1-709-864-3581

Ms. Grace Tatigian, BA (Hon.)
Entrepreneur Training Program (ETP) Coordinator
The Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP) Coordinator oversees a program that facilitates and promotes entrepreneurship among graduate students. ETP is for full-time graduate students who are interested in starting a business and learning the core skills of entrepreneurship. It is a joint project that includes the Internationalization Office and the School of Graduate Studies. The Faculty of Business Administration also plays a role in the steering committee. Funding for ETP has been made available through the generous support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).
Phone: 1-709-864-3813

Ms. Camila Fujiwara, BSW, RSW
Family and Sponsored Students Advisor
The Family and Sponsored Students Advisor supports the families/spouses of graduate students as well as sponsored graduate students (students who are fully or partially dependent on their home country's government or equivalent agency for support).  Her office is located at the Internationalization Office, at the Corte Real Building (CA 2004).
Phone: 1-709-864-3234


Ms. Kim Hearn, CBAD
Admissions Officer
The Admissions Officer oversees Admissions Group and processing, coordinates graduate student admissions, and verifies supporting documents of admitted students.
Phone: 1-709-864-2446 

Ms. Heather Harris
Applications Officer
The Applications Officer processes graduate applications and supporting documents, responds to applicant and admission inquiries, and assists the Admissions Officer as required.
Phone: 1-709-864-6907

Ms. Dawn Wall
Applications Officer
The Applications Officer processes graduate applications and supporting documents, responds to applicant and admission inquiries, and assists the Admissions Officer as required.
Phone: 1-709-864-2444

Ms. Cassandra Kean
The Receptionist provides front counter service to faculty and students, completes confirmation of enrolment letters and forms, and responds to general inquiries.
Phone: 1-709-864-2445


Ms. Sharon Winsor
Records and Registration Officer
The Records and Registration Officer is responsible for confirming graduate enrolment, academic reporting (ESL, animal care, registration, study permits, supervisory reports, time in program), student number generation, and administering leaves of absence, withdrawals, and program termination.
Phone: 1-709-864-2447


Ms. Gail Lamkin
Scholarships Officer
The Scholarships Officer administers all graduate scholarships and awards, including the tri-council (NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR) graduate scholarships, and coordinates the Annual Awards Ceremony.
Phone: 1-709-864-2600

Ms. Katrina Arbuckle, CBAD
Fellowships Officer
The Fellowships Officer approves SGS graduate student funding, maintains graduate student funding records, approves student payroll forms, records and maintains recoveries of funds to SGS, and processes changes to graduate student status.
Phone: 1-709-864-2441

Ms. Tammy Power-Taylor
Financial Assistant
The Financial Assistant administers graduate student payroll forms and payroll deductions.
Phone: 1-709-864-6906


Ms. Ruby Barron
Programs Officer
The Programs Officer processes thesis and comprehensive examinations, makes arrangements for doctoral oral defences, processes changes to graduate student programs, and confirms completion of academic requirements for all graduate diploma, master’s and doctoral students.
Phone: 1-709-864-8462

Ms. Jennifer Kennedy
Programs Assistant 
The Programs Assistant oversees the appointment of examiners, processes the outcomes of thesis examinations, and assists with doctoral oral defences. 
Phone: 1-709-864-2443 


Dr. Susan Drodge (more)
Public Servant in Residence, School of Graduate Studies
Phone: 1-709-864-2445


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