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Vehicles - University Owned or Leased

Approval Date: N/A

Effective Date: 2017-06-01

Review Date: 2021-05-01


The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) through the Director of Facilities Management (FM)


To define authority and the procedures to be followed when purchasing, leasing, renting, operating or disposing of a vehicle.



University-wide and applies to all vehicles required by the University, including those vehicles to be used in projects supported by grants.



Lease or Rental — Any lease or rental for longer than a 30-day period; for periods less than 30 days, see Travel - General.

Unit Head — For the purposes of this policy, unit head is the term used to mean Deans, Department Heads, Division Heads, Heads of Schools, Directors, Executive Directors, the University Librarian, the University Registrar, Associate Vice-Presidents and Vice-Presidents, as applicable.

Vehicle — Automobile, truck, van, all terrain vehicle, tractor, etc. and boat of any size.


The Procurement Officer, FM ensures the successful operation of this program.  Unit Heads ensure that the proper procedures are observed for the purchase, lease, rental, operation and disposal of vehicles in departments under their jurisdiction.

The University carries insurance on University owned vehicles to cover public liability, public damage, (PL, PD), and specified perils. (Specified perils include fire and theft). On vehicles leased by the University, collision coverage and comprehensive are carried in addition to the above. (Comprehensive includes fire, theft, glass, etc.). For insurance on a vehicle that may be desired and that may differ from that carried by the University, as per the Insurance Coverage - Property and Liability policycontact the Office of the Chief Risk Officer. As an example, where a vehicle has been purchased from grant funds and insurance coverage additional to that usually carried by the University is considered to be required, the applicable additional cost of providing that coverage will have to be paid by the holder of the grant funds.

Any request for provisions beyond those stated in this policy and procedures must be directed to the Vice-President (Administration and Finance).


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For inquiries related to this policy:

Department of Facilities Management, 709-864-7600

Sponsor: Vice-President (Administration & Finance)

Category: Operations

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General Procedures for University-Owned Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. Vehicle disposal by trade, sale, or auction will be handled by the Procurement Officer and in accordance with the Procedure for Declaration and Disposal of Tangible Assets. The Procurement Officer will arrange cancellation of vehicle insurance. Funds generated from the disposal of the vehicle are handled in accordance with Procedure for Revenue Distribution from Disposal of Surplus Assets.

2. Where vehicles have been purchased under grants within the terms of the grant, grantees will make the vehicle (if operational) available to assist in the provision of emergency transportation. 


Procedure for Acquisition of University Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. A Vehicle Acquisition Form (VAF), for the purchase, lease, or long-term rental of a vehicle from University or grant funds must be submitted to the appropriate Unit Head who must recommend approval before forwarding the request to FM. To do this, the VAF will need to be completed with the required approval(s), along with the estimated cost and vehicle specifications.FM will review the VAF and forward to the appropriate Vice-President for approval.

2. Once approval is received in FM by the Vice President (Administration and Finance, the VAF, along with the specifications required will be sent to the Department of Financial & Administrative Services Strategic Procurement Office (SPO) and the requesting unit to begin the open call for bid process. 

3. Once the preferred bidder is chosen by Strategic Procurement (SPO), FM will create a purchase requisition and forward to SPO to create the Purchase Order. 

4. FM will receive the vehicle from the dealer, complete a detailed record, have appropriate identification affixed, and install a First Aid kit, a GPS device (at a cost to the vehicle owner) and fire extinguisher before turning the vehicle over to the user unit. 

5. FM will arrange to have the University logo/crest placed on the vehicle together with the vehicle identification number. In certain circumstances approved by the Vice-President (Administration and Finance), appropriate identification may be limited to vehicle identification numbers.

6. FM will advise the Office of the Chief Risk Officer of the details of the vehicle in order that the necessary adjustments may be made to the University insurance policies. The applicable insurance will be confirmed, coinciding with annual registration renewal. 

7. For rental of vehicles for a period of greater than 30 days (rentals up to 30 days are covered in the Travel - General policy), an email request should be forwarded outlining the duration of the rental and purpose for which the rental is being requested. FM will provide a recommended rental based on approval from Financial and Administrative Services, Strategic Procurement Office (SPO). 

When lease or long-term rental of a vehicle for a unit is approved in accordance with this policy and arranged by FM, FM will ensure and verify that the full insurance coverage required by the University is obtained.

Procedure for Fuel Purchase for University-owned Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. The University has a contract with a major fuel supplier to provide fuel for University vehicles. A credit card will be provided for each University vehicle, and the supplier will provide monthly billings for each vehicle. Fuel will be available at any of the supplier's outlets - self-serve and full service. It will be the responsibility of Unit Heads to ensure the requirements for purchase of fuel are followed by vehicle users. The Procurement Officer will provide detailed procedures for fuel purchases. Researchers who operate vehicles through funding provided by a grant must apply for a credit card for fuel for the vehicle operated under the grant.

2. When it is not feasible to use the services covered by the credit card, fuel required may be purchased by cash or use of personal credit cards. In all cases, the University vehicle number and vehicle license must be shown on the invoice.

Procedure for Lending Vehicle(s) to Another Unit

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. A unit that operates a vehicle(s) (user unit) and loans a vehicle(s) to another unit (user unit) will be reimbursed on the basis outlined below. User units will be responsible for the vehicle, classification of driver, etc. as detailed.

RATE: $30.00 per day, 100 free km; over 100 km, 10c/km payable to owner unit on return of vehicle by journal transfer. 

2. Owner unit should turn over vehicle with corresponding credit card and log book ensuring that the vehicle is in good operating condition complete with equipment supplied. User units will be responsible for oil and gasoline used. Repairs and repair/replacement of tires damaged by wear, other than normal wear and tear, will be the responsibility of the user unit. If the vehicle should be involved in an accident, the user unit will be responsible for the deductible portion of the insurance policy, if applicable, or cost of repair of the damage to the vehicle. The vehicle will be returned in good operating condition with a full tank of gas, credit card, and gas receipts and with the applicable mileage, etc. recorded in the log book.

3. The user unit will also ensure that the driver of the vehicle has a valid driver's license and proper classification for the vehicle being operated, e.g. class 4 license for a minibus carrying in excess of eleven (11) passengers.

4. Vehicles purchased and maintained under grant funds would not normally be available for loan to other units on campus. Extenuating circumstances could necessitate this provision being overridden.

5. The person to whom a University vehicle is released is responsible for:

NOTE: Under no circumstances will passengers be permitted to travel in a University vehicle unless proper seating and seating restraints are in place.


Procedure for Maintenance of University-owned Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. Unit Heads will ensure that vehicle maintenance is performed within the University guidelines. Generally, minor maintenance will be done at the service stations authorized. Details regarding maintenance service are available from the Procurement Officer.

2. Under normal conditions when a vehicle is in the St. John's campus area, maintenance of the vehicle will be arranged as follows: 

- The Procurement Officer, Department of Facilities Management, for vehicles operated through the St. John’s campus (709 864 4310)
- The Facilities Coordinator, Facilities and Technical Services, for vehicles operated through the Marine Institute (709 778 0341)
- The Manager, Facilities Management, for vehicles operated through Grenfell campus (709 637 6224)

If the maintenance is required after normal business hours or if maintenance is of an emergency nature, the user’s unit /grantee should arrange for the maintenance to be done and the applicable office noted above advised as soon as possible the next working day.

3. If maintenance is required when the vehicle is outside the campus area, and the usual maintenance service cannot be utilized, maintenance should be arranged and details recorded in the vehicle log book. If the maintenance required is not done at a garage where the credit card may be used, the work may be paid for by cash or other credit card. All invoices for repairs/service must record the University vehicle number and license number. Before any major maintenance/ repair work is done, the Procurement Officer should be contacted so that the problem may be discussed and a course of action determined. 


Procedure for Operation of University-owned Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. Unit Heads will ensure that vehicle users follow the operational requirements of the University, a log book for each vehicle is kept up to date, a Vehicle Mileage Weekly Update form is completed, and drivers of University vehicles are authorized and have an applicable licence.

2. For the operation of certain University vehicles, a special license and/or endorsement must be held. For example:

Further information may be obtained from the Procurement Officer.


Procedure for Replacement of University-owned Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. Vehicles used under normal operating conditions would be subject to the following replacement schedule. Exemptions to this schedule will be subject to review and recommendation by the Procurement Officer.

2. In certain circumstances where vehicles were purchased by funding from a grant and where the grantee, because of the use of the vehicle for field work, may prefer to retain a vehicle beyond the time or mileage when a vehicle would normally be replaced, the Procurement Officer will evaluate those facts in consultation with the grantee before making a recommendation regarding replacement of the vehicle.

3. There may be other instances where, because of specialized usage, certain departments may have authorization to replace vehicles on a regular basis outside the above listed guidelines, e.g. security patrol vehicles, maintenance vehicles, subject to above normal wear and tear.

Procedure for Reporting Accidents with University-owned Vehicles

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Office of the Chief Risk Officer

1. The Highway Traffic Act requires that all accidents, where injury to person(s) is involved, must be reported to the police within 24 hours. (R.C.M.P. or R.N.C. have headquarters in all areas of the Province in their respective areas of jurisdiction). Also, accidents where combined damages to vehicles exceed $1,000.00 plus taxes must be reported to the respective police force.

2. Any accident involving a University vehicle, regardless of the dollar value of repair, must be reported to the Chief Risk Officer and the Director of Financial and Administrative Services via the Procurement Officer.

3. The Procurement Officer must immediately be advised of an accident in order that he may advise and assist with accident reports, inspection of the vehicle, establishing cost of damages, and obtaining repair estimates.

4. Any vehicle accident occurring on campus must also be reported to the applicable Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office (CEP) within twenty-four hours. (Reference section 1.5 of the Memorial University Traffic and Parking Regulations).

5. Drivers of University vehicles should be aware that when vehicle accidents are reported to the police, the report will be available to local insurance companies. The implications of this will be that the driver's personal vehicle insurance premiums may be increased. The University can take no responsibility for the effect an accident involving a University vehicle may have on personal insurance premiums.

Procedure for Revenue Distribution from Disposal of Surplus Assets

Approval Date: N/A

Responsible Unit: Department of Facilities Management

1. At the:

a) St. John’s campus, Facilities Management (FM) directs all amounts generated from the disposal of Surplus Assets to the originating Unit’s operating budget when the amount, less the disposal costs, exceeds $1,000. The amount is recorded by journal entry.
b) Marine Institute and Grenfell campus distribution of net proceeds is under the authority of the campus Vice-President.

2. Certified cheques or cash are required for external sales.

3. If the disposal is for a Surplus Asset purchased with research grants or contract funding, any applicable guidelines for distribution of proceeds must be followed.

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