Dr. A. Kurt Gamperl

Dr. A. Kurt Gamperl, Professor

Bachelors:  B.Sc. Guelph

M.Sc. Guelph

Ph.D. Dalhousie

  (709) 864-2692


Research Interests:

I am a comparative physiologist whose main research interest is to understand how environmental and physiological variables interact to affect fish biology. Central to this research are the role that blood oxygen transport, cardiac function, stress (catecholamines, cortisol, the B-adrenergic system, stress proteins) and humoral and/or biochemical factors play in mediating fish "performance" (swimming ability, growth, reproductive success, metabolic capacity etc.) under varied environmental conditions. I use a variety of marine and freshwater fishes in my research, and the questions I address often have implications for fish ecology and/or aquaculture. See links below for more information on my research program and teaching.