Dr. Annie Mercier

Annie Mercier

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My research is primarily focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of benthic invertebrate ecology. While my studies are centered on echinoderms (particularly sea cucumbers and sea stars), I am also interested in cnidarians (corals), molluscs and crustaceans from tropical and cold waters, and from the deep sea. I especially like to combine laboratory and field experiments, and to mix investigations at the behavioural level with microscopic/cellular/biochemical analyses and environmental assessments. My main areas of expertise include:

  1. The chronobiology of reproduction with emphasis on the role of exogenous and endogenous factors and inter-individual chemical communication in the fine-tuning of gametogenesis and spawning;
  2. Other aspects of the reproductive cycle: spawning, gamete dispersion, larval development, settlement cues, juvenile growth and ecology;
  3. Interactions such as pairing and aggregative patterns, prey-predator responses, parasitism, symbiosis;
  4. marine resources management, aquaculture and stock enhancement programs.


Ocean Sciences

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