Health & Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety offers a variety of free training on various health and safety topics.

In-Class Health and Safety Training Offerings 

Ongoing seminars are conducted on topics such as:

With advanced notice, seminars on any environmental health and safety topic can be arranged.

To request a training seminar listed above please fill out a training request form

Online Health and Safety Training Offerings 

To register for the sessions below - CLICK HERE, complete the online form and you will be directed to Brightspace (D2L) to access the training.

  • Asbestos awareness for building occupants
    • Highly recommended for all building occupants to learn more about asbestos hazards on campus.
  • Biosafety - Students/staff
    • Mandatory for all personnel (faculty, staff and students) who work in authorized biohazard laboratories, prior to commencing work.
  • Laboratory safety awareness for non-lab workers - Staff
    • Highly recommended for any Memorial University employee (technical, administrative and academic staff) as well as external contractors/vendors that may enter a laboratory as part of their regular work duties. It is intended to provide awareness for the various hazards that may be present in typical laboratories.
  • Radiation Safety - Students/staff
    • Mandatory for all personnel (staff and students) who work in authorized radiation laboratories prior to commencing work. Required as a condition of Memorial's Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices (NSRD) license.
  • Radiation Safety Awareness - Students/staff
    • Mandatory for laboratory workers in authorized radiation labs who DO NOT handle radioactive materials directly, prior to commencing work.
  • Radiation Safety Refresher - Student/Staff
    • Mandatory for all personnel (those who directly handle radioisotopes and those who do not) who work in authorized radiation laboratories, at least every five (5) years. This training course is required to maintain radiation worker authorization.
  • Respirator program - Students/staff
    • Mandatory for any individual who may be required to use a respirator for work or study. Please note that this course and the health screening form must be completed before a fit test is conducted. 
  • Science 1807 - Students
    • Mandatory for students who work/study in laboratories where hazardous materials are handled. To register for this course students are required to complete the training registration on Memorial's Self Serve. Click here for Memorial's Self Serve
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road - Staff
    • Mandatory for any staff member involved in the transportation of dangerous goods via road (includes packaging, offering for transport, shipping and receiving dangerous goods). 
  • WHMIS and Lab Safety - Staff
    • Mandatory for any Memorial University employee (both administrative and academic) that works with or in close proximity to hazardous products. 
  • X-ray safety - Students/staff
    • Mandatory for all personnel (staff and students) who work in authorized X-ray emitting device laboratories, prior to commencing work.

Proof of online training

Certificates are not provided for on-line training. You can print your on-line transcript/grades page(s) for proof of training by doing the following (student name, date and grade must be included in proof of training).

  • On your Brightspace (D2L) home page, click the course of interest.
  • Select "quizzes" under the "Assessment" drop down menu.
    • this will list any quizzes associated with the course.
  • Select "Submissions" under the quiz name drop down menu.
  • Click on the passing quiz attempt.
  • Print page and retain with lab records.

If you have a recognized training need, please complete the registration form and fax back to 864-3116 or email to


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