Scientific Diving

Memorial University’s commitment to scientific diving has evolved over a fifty-year span, and with the introduction of a professional diving safety officer into the university scientific diving safety program, the university was able to provide an excellent scientific diving safety record.

Every year university scientific divers, either through research or as part of their academic training, provide the university with a nucleus of very qualified scientific divers.

Every scientific diver who participates in the scientific diver program must show competency in a wide variety of areas pertaining to this activity. Memorial's Scientific Diving Safety Manual is one document designed to give university scientific divers guidance and the safety guidelines needed to conduct their research in a safe and professional manner.

Another resource is the Canadian Association for Underwater Science. This is an organization dedicated to scientific diving safety. Memorial University is one of the founding members of this organization.

The need for continual education and safety awareness in scientific diving is an ongoing process that will benefit the university and its divers in future years.

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