Fire Safety at Memorial


The Fire Safety program through the Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for ensuring Memorial University is compliant with the National Fire Codes, Building Codes, and Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Health and Safety Legislation regarding fire safety. This is done through:

Life Safety Inspections:

  • In a life safety inspection of a building, Environmental Health and Safety Advisors will ensure that the structure, exit requirements, travel distance, fire separation, and other criteria are up to code. There are over 50 buildings (on and off campus) that are inspected annually and every part of each building is inspected thoroughly. Reports from each inspection are forwarded to the St. John’s Regional Fire Department (SJRFD) for review and possible audit.


  • Emergency Warden Training: Emergency wardens for each building are trained in topics such as, roles and responsibilities; how to safely evacuate a building; and fire safety guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Power line Hazards Training: This training allows people to be able to recognize the hazards associated with working with overhead and underground power lines and what to do in the event of a power line emergency.
  • Fire Safety Briefings for med students: The medical students are briefed in evacuation and fire safety rules, policies and procedures pertaining to their location at the Health Sciences Centre.
  • Fire safety briefings for the Residence Assistants and Residence Coordinators: This training covers evacuation and fire safety rules, policies and procedures pertaining residence life. This training also covers items that are allowed/not allowed in the individual dorm rooms.


  • Accurate fire safety evacuation plans for every classroom, laboratory and building have been developed and posted in the appropriate location. 

Fire Drills:

  • The Environmental Health and Safety Advisors conduct fire drills at least once a year in every building to assess the fire wardens and the evacuation procedure.


  • The Environmental Health and Safety Advisors will consult with Facilities Management on new building constructions and renovations to ensure compliance with all relevant fire safety codes and legislation.

To contact the Environmental Health and Safety , please call 709-864-3786, or email