Environmental Health and Safety

Report an incident  - MUN Safe App

Report a Safety Concern or Hazard

The reporting of incidents and identification of hazards is critical in achieving a safe campus as it prompts action to prevent any future accidents and injuries.

We all have a responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy campus.   If you experience a near miss, accident or injury, or observe a hazard, please submit an eAlert or use the Report feature in the MUN Safe app to submit the details.

There are two ways to report:

1. EAlerts is an online form available though the EHS website.

2. MUN Safe App - Available for Apple and Android devices.

If you have any questions, contact EHS at health.safety@mun.ca.

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Automated external defibrillator program

Memorial University has a new automated external defibrillator (AED) installed in every building on campus.


Memorial University Drinking Water Quality Guide

Memorial University is committed to ensuring that every person on campus has access to safe drinking water. In 2016, the University initiated a sampling and testing program to test drinking water quality.
University Health and Safety committee (UHSC) established a Drinking Water sub-committee to systematically assess the key parameters of drinking water quality in all buildings at Memorial and ensure that the intake of drinking water falls within the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, published by Health Canada.
Memorial Drinking Water sub-committee developed a Terms of Reference and Drinking Water Quality guide that have been approved by the UHSC.




Heat Stress - Stay Cool in the Warm Weather

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