Student Assistants

To our Fall 2021 student assistants, we say welcome back; some of you have worked in MUNFLA before, but not quite like this! We thank you for the extra dedication and effort you have shown during the Covid-19 pandemic; and look foward to some kind of normalicy in the future. To the provincial and federal government programs that continue to provide funding enabling us to employ student assistants, we also say a very special thank you.

Our Fall 2021 student assistants include:  Brittany Dyck, Magdalyn Knopp, Israt Lipa, Juliana Young (Graduate Assistants), Kathleen Fleming, Era Iasmin Mahmuda, Ehsan Mohammadi (SWASP, Student Work and Service Program), Donna Norvey, and Adam Strong (MUCEP, Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program). Thank you for all your help this semester; we really do appreciate it!  Stay safe everyone.

Rosemary O’Keefe

Publications Assistant

Fall 2021 students: (Top row): Ehsan Mohammadi, Israt Lipa, and Magdalyn Knopp.  (Middle row): Juliana Young, and Kathleen (Katie) Fleming. (Bottom row): Era Iasmin Mahmuda, Brittany Dyck, and Donna Norvey. Missing from collage is Adam Strong.