Student Assistants

Each semester, the Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA) employs student assistants through a variety of Provincial and Federal Government programs. These students aid archival staff with daily tasks and specialized projects.

Working as a student assistant in MUNFLA is a great way to gain hands-on experience. During assistantships, students learn a variety of archival skills, including preservation, cataloguing, records management, and digitization (audio, video, photographs, and various textual documents).

We express gratitude to the Provincial and Federal Government programs that continue to provide the funding that enables us to employ student assistants.

Visit the Student Life website for more information on how you can avail of these programs for on campus employment. Additional opportunities can be found in the catalogue of Memorial’s Online Record of Experience (MORE) experiential tracking tool.

Summer 2022 student assistants:

Katie Fleming
Katie Fleming
Student Work and Service Program (SWASP)