Student Assistant Projects

Whether they're working with the Archive as undergrads or as part of their graduate studies, we are grateful to programs such as MUCEP and SWASP, and to funding from the HSS Dean's Office, for providing us with the opportunity to host and encourage these incredibly talented individuals.

Below are some of the projects that have been born from these student assistantships:

"Closer" - A video created by PhD candidate Ehsan Mohammadi

With a background as a journalist/videographer, Ehsan used his SWASP placement during the spring 2020 semester to document the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on student life at Memorial University's St. John's campus. Very special thanks to fellow students Karin Murray-Bergquist (narrator), Yanet Campbell (musician), and to Ehsan's friend Amin Mohammadi who edited the video. We hope you enjoy!



"Ghost Ships of Newfoundland and Labrador" - A map created by PhD candidate Karin Murray-Berquist

With an interest in maritime folklore and folklore of the sea, Karin was inspired to create this map during her Graduate Assistantship at MUNFLA. The information contained on the map was compiled from the archive's collection of Folklore Survey cards. View the interactive map on MapHub.

"The Folklore of Theatre: International graduate student interviews Come from Away creator" - The Gazette article about Alina Sergachov's project to highlight the work of theatre personnel

As a come-from-away herself and with a keen interest in theatre, Alina decided to pursue this project after seeing Come From Away (CFA) on Broadway. The musical, of course, was inspired by the real-life stories of volunteers from Gander and area who played a significant role in helping those most affected by the tragic events of that day. Working in MUNFLA at the time, Alina understood the importance of documenting and preserving those stories (oral histories). Thus, she jumped right into the CFA theatre community and the Town of Gander to do just that. Read more about Alina‚Äôs work in The Gazette article here. Make sure you check out the video (below) and browse her YouTube channel for more fantastic interviews with the cast and crew of the musical.