MUNFLA Guidelines

The guidelines linked below are meant to aid in research and access to the archive.  Should you have any questions about these forms or difficulties accessing them, please contact us.

  •  MUNFLA Bibliographic Citation Guidelines
    All academic research requires writers to properly cite their sources. This means acknowledging the source for each piece of information by compiling a bibliography and/or works cited list, and creating citations for ideas, paraphrased material, and direct quotations. The Department of Folklore and the Archive follow Turabian bibliographic citation style.
  • MUNFLA Archive Use Guidelines for Researchers
    Caring for our collections is central to achieving our mission "to facilitate research on Newfoundland and Labrador culture" and "to archive research materials in order to make a permanent record for the future." It is not enough just to preserve knowledge; our task is to enable it to be accessed now and for generations to come. Every researcher can help protect our collections for present and future generations by supporting the measures we take to preserve these materials and by respecting the Reading Room Guidelines and General Handling Guidelines set out in this document.