Questionnaire Series

Based on the efforts of Herbert Halpert, George M. Story, William (Bill) Kirwin, John D.A. Widdowson, and others, the questionnaire series began in 1962. Early questionnaires were associated with linguistics and would eventually lead to the collection that became the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (DNE). Over the years surveys were created on a variety of topics relating to folklore and language research. Many of these were used to build various collections, publications, and projects within the department.

Surveys were given a Q number as they were created, and original responses were deposited in the archive. Responses were gathered with varying degrees of success. The most successful response rates were with Q67 and Q68; an agreement was reached with the Department of English to include them as part of English 100 and English 200 courses. The academic year was not semesterized at that time, so students would take surveys home over Christmas break and return them to the department in the New Year as part of their course grade.

In the 1970s, the perceived legitimacy of questionnaires decreased. By the 1980s, the creation of surveys dwindled as research methodologies evolved. Questionnaires were viewed as leading the informant in an oral interview and, as such, considered a poor fit for a more specific direction of research. The last survey number was assigned in 1986 as faculty changed direction and focused on the interview process as the preferred source of data collection.

Below is a blank PDF copy of each of the questionnaires assigned over the years. Click the Q-number to access the PDFs for those blank  surveys that are available. You may find these useful as inspiration to shape your own research. Please contact MUNFLA staff or visit the archive to access the collection of responses .

Q Number
(PDF File Link)
Title/Subject Number of
Q62 Proverbial Comparisons and Some Sayings 59
Q63A Proverbial Comparisons 179
Q63B Frightening Figures 12
Q64A Frightening Figures 100
Q64B Checklist of Newfoundland Expressions and Introduction to Checklist  282
Q65 Proverbs 331
Q66 Newfoundland Christmas Customs 112
Q67 Combination Questionnaire (i) Family Names and Settlements; (ii) Mummering; (iii) Christmas Customs: Animal and Bird - Animal Disguises; (iv) Frightening Figures; (v) Singing Games, Rhymes, Chants, and Riddles; (vi) Newfoundland Words and pronunciations; (vii) Newfoundland Sayings, Proverbs, and Comparisons; and (viii) Other Information 1317
Q68 Newfoundland Storytelling 491
Q70A Folk Medicine 55
Q70B Nightmare/Old Hag 44
Q70C Komatiks 15
Q70D Newfoundland Stories and Storytelling 35
Q70E Face Disguises 8
Q71 Frightening and Threatening Figures 42
Q71B Garden Party 14
Q72B Newfoundland Popular Music Survey 64
Q73B Strange and Unusual Animals 51
Q74B Gravestones 26
Q76A Christmas Caroling 8
Q77A Traditional Gardening 7
Q77B Newfoundland Food Traditions 381
Q78A Piles of Rock: Marking Man 29
Q79A Boatbuilding 53
Q79B Bar Music 101
Q80A Church Bells 125
Q80B Traditional Community Concerts 39
Q80C Newfoundland Bonfire Traditions 264
Q81A Pregnancy Beliefs 33
Q85A Attitudes Towards Homosexuals  90
Q86A Newfoundland Courtship/Dating Practices 162