Archival Finding Aids

FRUIT, BERRIES, PICKING, HARVESTING, etc.: A FINDING AID FOR SOURCES Sources of Fruits, Berries, etc. by Megan Webb, and the Tessier Park Project.

Archives and Special Collections (ASC) Collection-502: Neil V. Rosenberg (compiled by Patrick Warner, March 2019).

Collections Inventory: Labrador holdings of the Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive (MUN. Compiled by Havala Osdoba, October 2001; edited by Rosemary O'Keefe, February 2019. Listed by place name/primary subject heading.

Kenneth Goldstein MUNFLA Song Collections (compiled by Carol Pelletier). 

Major Subject Areas.  MUNFLA Major Subject Areas Authority List

Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA) Witchcraft Finding Aid Compiled by: Violetta "Letty" Halpert, 1975 Typed/ Digital copy created by: Nicole Penney, June 2019.

MUNFLA 2017-135: Paul Smith's Collection of NL Cookbooks and Related Materials (compiled by Paul Smith; updated by Kyle Wiseman).

MUNFLA Collection Bay Roberts Archival Finding Aid (compiled by Cyndi Eagan-Kiigemagi).

MUNFLA Collection Harbour Grace Archival Finding Aid (compiled by Rosemary O'Keefe).

MUNFLA Subject Authority List 2018. Please consult the following list of topical terms used in describing MUNFLA collections if you are having difficulty with your research results. 

The Old Hag: An Index for MUNFLA - May 2003 (compiled by Michele Gillingham)