Grenfell Campus

The fees and charges below are per semester, per person, unless otherwise noted.

  1. General residence fees: this fee will not be refunded and will not be credited to the student's account.
    • Residence application fee: $20

  2. Residence deposit: charged to all students who are applying to live in residence. The deposit is creditable and may be refunded when all conditions pertaining to it are met.
    • Residence deposit: $500
    • Cancellation fee for all students who fail to cancel residence/chalet rooms by the deadline for Fall and Winter semester: $500.00

  3. Residence fees based on per semester basis
    • Arts and Science Residence Hall (standard): $1,711
    • Arts and Science Residence Hall (bachelor): $1,851
    • Residence Complex (standard): $1,821
    • Chalet Apartment (standard): $1,953
    • Chalet Apartment (family): $3,007

  4. Residence fees between semesters: students who need to stay in residence between semesters may be accommodated providing space is available and reasonable notice is given in writing to Student Housing. Students are required to pay the full charge on receipt of notification of acceptance.

    Room rates (per night, per person)   
    • Arts and Science Residence: $16.45
    • New Residence Complex: $17.51  
    • Chalet: $18.78