Grounds/Landscaping and General Services is responsible for administering moving services for the transportation of goods, materials, equipment and furnishings between University buildings. Moving services can be arranged by contacting Work Control at 864-7600 or through campus e-mail, and giving as much prior notice as possible to accommodate scheduling. A minimum of five to seven business days' notice is recommended.

Routine moving requirements during normal working hours are provided at no cost. If a request cannot be readily accommodated, external contractors offering preferred rates will be recommended. Departments needing moving services outside of normal working hours will be required to fund such projects, in which case estimates are provided.

Generally, moving services are restricted to campus and satellite locations. Off-campus moving services, in conjunction with University-related functions (e.g. science fairs, seminars, concerts, etc.) require prior approval.  Large scale moving services are provided by external contractors and may be recoverable from user departments. For more information, please contact Work Control at 864-7600 or e-mail,

Please note that General Services does not provide boxes or a packing service. It is the responsibility of the client to make these preparations.

Following are dates when moving services will be limited:

  • Convocation: The week of convocation on a semi-annual basis
  • Orientation: The last week of August
  • Examinations: Fall Semester, Winter Semester, December and April
  • Snowclearing operations may limit availability of staff.